A very looooooong drive but well worth it!:)
Some results will be posted as owners confirm their wins with me...
Huge Congratulations to the following!!
~ Gabriel ~
ASCA U-CD Ch Caitland's Spirit in the Sky CGC ASCA/AKC CD FDCH AKC mjr ptd
(raven x thad)  Owners Gina & Nancy Guertin
3rd place in the Obedience Finals - Novice !!
trialed in Open for his first leg with 191 and 2nd place!

~ Talon ~
ASCA Can Ch Caitland Where Spirits Soar AGN O-NAC NJC NGC TG-N TN-O GS-N RS-N
(raven x thad)  Owners Tracie Ball & Debbie Markowski
4th place & Q -  new Gamblers Title!
Premiere Bitch at the Nationals!!

~ Gage ~
Caitland's Kinetic Motion ASCA mjr ptd
(raven x ethan)  Owners Jill & Wayne Brass
2nd & 1st placements in Open Red at the preshows!
2nd place at the Nationals!!

~ Drake ~
Can Ch Hearts Echo Hear My Thunder HT HCT TT
(ayla x ethan)  Owners Margaret & Mathew Sterz
3rd in Open Black at Nationals!

~ Payton ~
Caitland They Rave About Me
(micah x ethan)  Owners Debbie Markowski & Joyce Roessner
3rd in Sweeps
2nd & 4th class placments in 4-6mth black puppy bitch at the preshows!
2nd in class at Nationals!!

~ Dyna ~
Caitland Blu The Critics Away CKC ptd
(sassy x ethan)  Owner Debbie Markowski - Bred by Legends

2nd in Sweeps
Two - 1st in Class placements in 6-9mth and pulled for Winners Bitch at the Preshows!!
Made the cut at Nationals!

~ Ethan ~
Can Am ASCA Ch Blue Isle The Critics Are Raving
(angel x bronson)  Owners Debbie & Tyler Markowski
Two Premiere Dog Wins at the Preshows!!

~ Diesel ~
Caitland Stand Alone
(micah x ethan)  Owner Marty Strawmier

1st place in 4-6mth black puppy dog at ALL the Preshows, Sweeps & at Nationals!!

~ Jazzy ~
Some Kind of Magic All That Jazz
(aicha x ethan)  Breeder/Owners Deb Michielsen & Luc Goosens
Not sure with the exact placements at the preshows but Jazzy had
several 2nd & 3rd placements including 3rd at Nationals from Open Red!
Luc got the nickname "Candy Man" around the ring, giving all us ladies
Belgium Chocolate Candies whenever we looked kinda stressed!:)
Their daughter Caitlin is an absolute doll and was much too cute in the pee wee ring!

~ Indy ~
Coventry's Curtain Call
(cara x ethan)  Owner Rhonda Shewchuk

1st & 3rd place in 9-12mth at the Preshows!

~ Titian ~
Coventry's Renaissance Rave
(cara x ethan)  Owner Karin Johnson

Two 3rd placements in 9-12mth at the Preshows!