HOF CHOF Can Am ASCA Ch Blue Isle The Critics Are Raving STDd JHDs ROMX II
Can Am ASCA Ch Bayshore's Sunday Brunch
Reserve Winners bitch ASCU National Preshow - CKC Best Puppy in Group winner
New Can Ch all by 9mths of age!
a "quick pic" of Reegan taken by sis Cathy ~ 7mths
winning Best Puppy In Group at her first show along with a 3pt win,
including a BOS win over a bitch special
another 2 pts the following day and BOS again ~ 6 1/2mths old

Reserve Winners bitch at both of her first ASCA shows
What can I say about Reegan?  I've waited 13yrs for "this" red merle bitch, after seeing her
grannie Angel at the '96 ASCA Nationals in Medford, Oregon!
She is without a doubt, her fathers daughter - ahem...more grey hair ??!!
Funny how one forgets what a certain puppy was like 10+yrs ago...humbling? oh yes:))
But I also forgot that Tyler did all the training & showing of Ethan in those early years
and HE made it look so easy...HA!
If we can get the leash breaking/moving in a straight line/standing still for an exam downpat
and a load more focus on the job at hand, we should be "on our way":)

Many thanks to Fran for giving me the opportunity
to have Sunday for her final litter to my heart dog ~ Ethan
and many more thanks to Barb for your endless listening and mentoring.
you gals are the best!
Reegan & Allie ~ Caitland Rainy Days N' Mondays - 3mths old
getting in trouble chewing on my roses!!
... sure look worried don't they??:)
right after the nod for Reserve Winners bitch at the ASC of Utah's National Preshow!
Miss Exuberant knowing she "did good" - what a girl!  Love this picture Heidi!!
from the 6-9mth class
and the official win pic
Thank you breeder judge Sharon Sparks for this wonderful win!
ASC of Utah's National Specialty Preshow - 2009 Greeley, Colorado ASCA Nationals
Can Champion